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The corrosion of Character

front coverRichard Sennet ,en su magnífica obra “The Corrosion of Character” habla de los efectos de la sociedad actual y, especialmente, de la vida laboral en el carácter del ser humano. Me gustaría compartir con vosotros algunas de las reflexiones de este reconocido profesor de sociología de la London School of Economic.

“In work, the traditional career progressing step by step through the corridors of one or two institutions is withering; so is the deployment of a single set of skills through the course of a working life. The market is too dynamic to permit doing things the same way year after year. “No long term” is a principle which corrodes trust, loyalty, and mutual commitment. Such social bonds take time to develop.

Detachment and superficial cooperativeness are better armor for dealing with current realities than behaviour based on values of loyalty and service. No long term means keep moving, don’t commit yourself, and don’t sacrifice. 

How can long-term purposes be pursued in a short-term society? How can durable social relations be sustained? How can a human being develop a narrative of identity and life history in a society composed of episodes and fragments? The conditions of the new economy feed instead on experience which drifts in time, from place to place, from job to job. Short-term capitalism threatens to corrode the character”.

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